Foreclosure Sale – 2016
Sale Date Was: October 26, 2016
Sale Time Was: 10:00 AM
Sale Location: Ellis County Courthouse
                                    1204 Fort Street
                                    District Court Room, Third Floor
                                    Hays, KS 67601

NOTICE was given that under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of Ellis County, Kansas, and a certain action pending in said Case No. 16-CV-46, the Sheriff of said county directed, offered for sale at public auction and sold to bidders for cash in hand in the District Court Room, 3rd Floor, Ellis County Courthouse at 12th and Fort, in the City of Hays, in said county on the 26th day of October, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. of said day, the following described real estate situated in the County of Ellis, State of Kansas.

New Owner

Tract/Parcel #


Property Address

Purchase Price

Robert and Martha Boardman

#4   31-3140

Pfeifers Third Addition, Lot 11, Section 07, Township 14, Range 16

714 Main St., Victoria


Adam and Megan Pray

#8  20-4830

Raynesford Addition, Block 04, N 42 Lot 1 & N 42 of E2 Lot 2, Section 05, Township 13, Range 20

514 Jefferson St., Ellis


Adam and Megan Pray

#9  20-4820

Raynesford Addition, Block 04, S 88 Lot 1 & S 88 of E/2 Lot 2, Section 05, Township 13, Range 20

516 Jefferson St., Ellis


D. Hauserman

#10  20-5270

Big 4 U P 1st Addition, Block 0F, Lot 008 & 9, Section 08, Township 13, Range 20

701 A Jefferson St., Ellis


Robert and Martha Boardman

#11  30-520

Anton Dreiling Addition, Block 01, Lot 2 & N 46.3 of Lot 1, Section 01, Township 14, Range 17

1009 Cathedral, Victoria


Jackie Mickelson

#14  20-8380

Keagy’s First Addition, Block 02, E 21’ of Lot 1, Section 08, Township 13, Range 20

200 W. 11th St., Ellis


Doug and Marcie Williams

#16  10-28720

College Hill Addition, Block 02, Lot 026, Section 33, Township 13, Range 18

508 W. 17th St., Hays


Albert R. Pfeifer and Arlene D. Pfeifer, Trustees of the Pfeifer Living Trust dated November 5, 1994

#19  105-1460

Section 02, Township 14, Range 16, TR NW4 Desc as Beg at a PT 230 (S) NE of the Intersection of UPRR R/W & Vac ST E of Blk 8 of Walker Town Lots TH N 30 (S) TH E 87(S) TH SWLY ALG UPRR R/W to POB Formerly Known as Blk 7 Lot 19 Town of Walker

0 Walker Ave, Walker



For questions concerning Foreclosure sales, email or
call Ann or Karla at 785-628-9465 (Treasurer’s Office) or Bill at 785-628-8226 (Legal Counsel).
The Treasurer (Tax Collector) is not allowed, by law, to sell properties by any means other than at a public auction.  Ellis County does not sell tax liens for tax-defaulted properties.  The new owner will be responsible for paying 2016 taxes. 
Research Before you Invest!
The sale of these properties should not, in any way, be equated to real estate sales by licensed salesmen, brokers and realtors.  The County Treasurer cannot guarantee the condition of the property nor assume any responsibility for conformance to codes, permits or zoning ordinances.  You should inspect the property before investing.  The burden is on the purchaser to thoroughly research, before the sale, any matters relevant to his or her decision to purchase, rather than on the county, whose sole interest is the recovery of back taxes.  Should the successful purchaser desire a survey of the property, it will be at the purchaser’s own initiative and expense.  No warranty is made by the County; either expressed or implied, relative to the usability, the ground location, or property lines of the properties.  The exact location, desirability, and usefulness of the properties must be determined by the prospective purchaser.

The County assumes no liability for any other possible liens, encumbrances or easements, recorded or not recorded.


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