Mortgage Company
If you have an escrow account with a mortgage company to pay your real estate taxes, this company should receive the original of your tax statement.  You will receive a copy, so noted, for your information.  Mortgage companies notify the Ellis County Treasury of taxpayers for which they are responsible to pay taxes.  If by mistake you receive the original, please forward it to your mortgage company and notify the Treasury of any changes needing to be made.
Mortgage companies are required by Federal Law to make half payments and not full payments by December 20th.  The second half is then due by May 10th the following year.  If you prefer your taxes be paid in full, this request must be made to your mortgage company.
Past due notices and tax information sheets are mailed to the property owner rather than the mortgage company.  If you receive a past due notice from the Treasury for non-payment of taxes due, please contact your mortgage company prior to redeeming these taxes with the Treasury.