Escrow Payment Plan
The Ellis County Treasurer was the first county to implement an escrow payment plan in the State of Kansas.  This program is designed for any taxpayer to make monthly payments in order to spread their tax liability throughout the year, as opposed to either a half or full payment in late December.  Using an estimate of the previous year’s taxes sets monthly payments.  Should the escrow account come up short, the taxpayer is notified in November of any outstanding balance, thereby allowing them sufficient time to pay the balance by the mandated due date.  Any balance after posting either taxes or registrations results in either a refund to the taxpayer or carryover in the account for the next year.  Payments are made by mail, in person or by automatic bank withdrawal.  For convenience coupon books are provided upon request.  To set up an escrow account contact the Ellis County Treasury at 785-628-9465 or email either or