posted: October 2, 2007

By Mike Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

On January 12, 2005 the Ellis County Treasury mailed 1686 courtesy notices reminding delinquent taxpayers that they needed to pay their 2004 personal property taxes current. Failure to do so by the 26th of January 2005 will invite a visit from the Ellis County Sheriff.

Last year the Ellis County Treasury mailed 1632 notices. This year’s notices represent an 3% increase in the number of notices mailed. This year’s notices equal $180,535.80 in delinquent dollars, a $12,296.61 increase when compared to the 2003 notices.

Courtesy notices are not mailed for delinquent Real Estate taxes at this time, those are only generated after the second half due date has passed. Nonetheless a quick search indicates that 583 parcels have 2004 delinquencies, representing $378,599.16. These numbers indicate a reduction in numbers and dollars when compared to those of 2003. The numbers for 2003 were 657 parcels and $560,157.00 in delinquencies.

By Mike Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

On January 20, 2005 the Ellis County Treasury paid out the first distribution for 2004 tax collections. These tax dollars are used to fund 2005 budgets for the various municipalities in Ellis County. The attached list gives the taxing entity and the amount each received.

This distribution represents about 55% of total collections for the 2004 tax roll. The next distribution will be made on March 20. Property tax collections are sparse between December 20 and March 1, resulting in the second distribution being less then 5%.
The Governor of Kansas activated an accelerator clause in the property tax payment laws, requiring taxpayers to pay second half taxes on or before May 10.


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By: Kathleen M Brenner, Motor Vehicle Supervisor

How many vehicles have been registered in Ellis County over the past few years?

*Includes the following tag types: personalized, national guard, amateur radio, disabled antique, antique, street rod, veteran, pearl harbor survivor, ex-POW and etc.

By: Kathleen M Brenner, Motor Vehicle Supervisor

2005 will be a reissue year for personalized plates. Starting September 2004, renewal letters will be mailed from the State of Kansas to vehicle owners who have current personalized plates. The State has assured County Treasurers that these renewal letters will be mailed plenty in advance, probably two months prior to deadline, and will be mailed in the following order: heavy trucks, “A” renewals, “B” renewals and etc. Consequently new personalized plates should be available at the time of renewal, NOT BEFORE. Applications will continue to be taken for the old series plates until August 2004, but will only be good until a registrant’s renewal time in 2005.


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Governor Kathleen Sebelius announced in late August 2003 the following tax payment deadline change.  The 2nd half deadline for payment of 2003 property taxes has been changed from June 20th to May 10th, 2004.  This announcement does not affect the 1st half deadline, however since this deadline falls on a weekend it is statutorily extended to December 22, 2003.

Names of taxpayers with delinquent real estate property taxes were published in the Hays Daily News August 15, 2003.  These taxpayers had until August 12, 2003 to pay the delinquent tax, interest and penalties without having their names published.  The names were published three consecutive weeks.  An updated version of this list is now on the Treasury website.  Taxpayers may call or email the Treasury for payoff amounts at 785-628-9465 or

Because of Privacy Act awareness only the person or persons listed as owner(s) of record may reregister a vehicle.  However if the renewal notice is signed by the owner(s) of record, someone other than the owner(s) could reregister the vehicle.