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By Mike Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

On January 20, 2004 the Ellis County Treasury paid out the first distribution for 2003 tax collections. These tax dollars are used to fund 2004 budgets for the various municipalities in Ellis County. The attached list gives the taxing entity and the amount each received.

This distribution represents about 55% of total collections for the 2003 tax roll. The next distribution will be made on March 20. Property tax collections are sparse between December 20 and March 1, resulting in the second distribution being less then 5%.

The Governor of Kansas activated an accelerator clause in the property tax payment laws, requiring taxpayers to pay second half taxes on or before May 10.

By: Kathleen Brenner, Motor Vehicle Supervisor


January and February are the months to renew heavy truck and trailer tags. The deadline for these registrations has been changed to February 29. However the last day the Ellis County Treasury will be open, prior to this deadline, is February 27. To make this process less complicated I have listed a few points on what you will need in order to renew these tags.
1. Proof of payment of all 2003 personal property tax. If State assessed, proof of assessment for each vehicle. (The Kansas Motor Carrier Schedule 4-truck and trailers, is acceptable proof)
2. Proof of current Kansas liability insurance for each vehicle registration being renewed. Examination of a photocopy or fax of the proof if insurance shall meet the requirement of proof. (KSA 8-173)
3. Trucks with registration weight of 55,000 pounds or more must provide proof of payment of “Federal Heavy Use Vehicle Tax”. (The Schedule 1 portion of the form 2290 receipted by the Internal Revenue Service is acceptable proof)
Hopefully these points will help to make renewing heavy truck and trailer registrations trouble free. See you soon.


The Bottom Line
By: Mickey Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer

On January 15, 2004 the Ellis County Treasury mailed 1632 courtesy notices reminding delinquent taxpayers that they needed to pay their 2003 personal property taxes current. Failure to do so by the 30th of January 2004 will invite a visit from the Ellis County Sheriff.
Last year the Ellis County Treasury mailed 1467 notices. This year’s notices represent an 11% increase in the number of notices mailed. However this year’s notices equal $168,239.19 in delinquent dollars, a $74,024.00 decrease from the 2002 notices.
Courtesy notices are not mailed for delinquent Real Estate taxes at this time, those are only generated after the second half due date has passed. Nonetheless a quick search indicates that 657 parcels have 2003 delinquencies, representing $560,157.00. These numbers are comparable to the 2002 numbers.

The Bottom Line
By: Mickey Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer


As County Treasurer I am repeatedly asked, “Who are the largest taxpayers in Ellis County?” Since this information is used for economic development and bonding requirements for municipalities in Ellis County I have taken the liberty to list these taxpayers.

The Bottom Line
By: Mickey Billinger, Ellis County Treasurer


The Ellis County Treasury will collect $25,744,581.58 in taxes for tax year 2003. The Treasury will collect approximately 55% of this total or $14,159,519.00 by December 22, 2003. As of December 1, 2003, $1,610,343.00, or about 6% of the property taxes, was collected. Consequently from now until December 22, the last day to pay taxes without a penalty, $12,549,176.00 will be tendered. For your information the first half deadline for 2003 taxes has been changed. Since December 20 falls on a weekend this year, the deadline by statute is extended to the next working day, December 22, 2003. It appears at this time payments are arriving at a slower pace than usual. This simply means if a taxpayer is planning on paying in person and is waiting to pay on the last day, they should anticipate standing in line.