Renewal of License Plate Registration


Titling a used vehicle
Application for a title must originate in the office of the local County Treasurer.  The local County Treasurer is determined by where the vehicle is garaged.  Military or full-time college students may register at their legal residence or their stationed address.
A vehicle must be registered within 60 days from date of purchase.
Documents required are:

1. Properly assigned title (notarization is no longer required in KS.)
2. Kansas sales tax receipt is required when purchased from a Kansas dealer.
3. Bill of Sale when purchased from an individual or out-of-state dealer.
4. Driver's License
5. A Motor Vehicle Examination (MVE-1) on out-of-state titles from the Kansas Highway Patrol.  The Highway Patrol is located at 1821 Frontier Road, Hays, KS.  Office hours for MVE-1 examinations are Monday thru Friday, 9:30-12:00 noon.  The following are required for the MVE-1 examination:

a. The vehicle
b. Title (or faxed copy-certified from the Treasurer’s Office).
c. The owner’s driver’s license.
d.  $20 cash

6. Kansas liability proof of active insurance
7. Transfer of Death (TOD) party’s name and address if desired on title.
8. Lien release if lien shows on the seller’s title (notarization is no longer required in KS).

The State of Kansas now holds, in electronic format, any title that has a lien attached until the lien is paid off.
Transfer of License Plates

The new vehicle must be registered in the same name as the old vehicle.  Names allowed to be added are: parents, spouse and legal age child.  Any other name being added requires the purchase of new plates; old plates may be surrendered to the local County Treasurer for a refund.  A refund is determined by the remaining full months of a registration, only on the property tax and totaling more than $5.  Should you have questions concerning a refund, call your local County Treasurer.  For inquiries with the Ellis County Treasurer call 785-628-9465 or email
The original vehicle must be disposed of and the registration or license plate number from said vehicle must be presented.  Also required is the name of the purchaser of the original vehicle.