Renewal of License Plate Registration


Duplicate, Secure or Reissue Title
Duplicate (Lost the original title):

  • Must be the owner of the vehicle (may require driver’s license for proof
  • Vehicle information (identification number and mileage)
  • Lien release from bank or institution if lien was listed on the lost title
  • Required form (TR720B)
  • $10.00 fee

Secure (Add a lien to vehicle title):

  • Title or current registration if the title is an E-title (lien on vehicle title after January 1, 2003)
  • Name and address of bank or institution being added as lienholder
  • Lien release from another bank or institution now showing on title unless the new lienholder will be listed as a second lien
  • Required form (TR720B)
  • $10.00 fee

Reissue (To remove a lien from an existing title, not an E-title):

  • Title
  • Mileage
  • Lien release from bank or institution
  • $10.00 fee
  • Required form (TR720B)