Renewal of License Plate Registration


Sale of a vehicle:
You may apply for a refund upon the sale of a vehicle.  The refund is prorated from the date the plate is surrendered until the expiration date of the plate.  On trucks registered over 12M lbs, the refund is mailed from the state within eight weeks.  Owners with heavy trucks and trailers must also notify the appraiser’s office (785) 628-9400 to have the vehicle removed from the tax role.  Trailer and moped plates are non- refundable.
To apply for a refund, surrender the license plate, purchaser’s name, your social security number, and current registration. 
Moving out of state:
You may apply for a refund when you move and register your vehicle in another state.  Mail to us the Kansas license plate, Kansas registration, a copy of your new out of state driver’s license, and application for refund form.  The prorated refund is on the personal property tax from the date we receive the plate, and related paperwork, to the expiration date.
Refunds are not allowed on Trailers (RV trailers are allowed) and moped plates. You will want to call the Appraiser’s office to have them remove the vehicle from the tax role.  Personal property is due on trailers, if owned on January 1, for the entire year.